Colégio Clinic

Elaboration of projects and supervision by a large team with extensive experience, with particular emphasis on:


Structural reinforcement and rehabilitation of old buildings


Metal structures with special emphasis on mild steel (cold rolled)


Structures in reinforced concrete or composite


Colégio Clinic

Aristides Moreira da Mota Street, 36
(near Colégio garden)

Cogumbreiro Warehouse

The building has a profound intervention, reborning with all its charm as local accommodation and with an offer of cafeteria and ice cream parlor.

Ferreira Funerary

Direita Santa Catarina Steet 14-B

Paladares da Quinta Restaurant

Canada de Santa Bárbara, nº40
9560-141 Rosário, Lagoa

Single familiar House

Housing Remodeling and Single Family Home Construction

Santa Cruz Street House

House Rehabilitation, located at Rua de Santa Cruz 

Contador Street Apartaments

Apartaments Rehabilitation, located at Rua do Contador.

Passal Street House

House Rehabilitation, located at Rua do Passal.

Hintze Ribeiro Street House

Housing Rehabilitation, located at Rua Hintze Ribeiro

Hintze Ribeiro Street Apartments, 56 a 60

Apartments Rehabilitation at Rua Hintze Ribeiro.

Hotel and Restaurant Alcides

R. Hintze Ribeiro 67,

9500-049 Ponta Delgada

Moradia na Rua José Barbosa

House Rehabilitation, located at Rua José Barbosa, in Fajã de Baixo.

Apartamentos na Hintze Ribeiro, nº 28 a 32
Mixed housing, commerce and services building

Mixed housing, commerce and services building in Castilho and Foros Streets.

Natália Correia Study Center

Natália Correia Study Center located at Fajã de Baixo, Ponta Delgada.

Castanheiro College

Rua de São Gonçalo 113

Apartment Building - Fajã de Baixo

Apartments Bulding located at Fajã de Baixo, Ponta Delgada.

Apartments Building - Ribeira Grande

Apartments Building located at Ribeira Grande

Urbe Oceanus Apartments

Mixed housing and commerce building - Urbe Oceanus Apartments, located at Dr. Hugo Moreira Street, D. João III Avenue, Ponta Delgada

Apartments Building - Paim

Apartments Building located at Paím, Ponta Delgada

Apartments Building - Caminho da Levada

Apartment building near the Urban Park, Caminho da Levada, Ponta Delgada

Apartments, Commerce and Services Building - Paím

Apartments, Commerce and Services Building located at Nicolau Sousa Lima Street, Paim, Ponta Delgada

Apartment Building - Pico do Funcho

Apartment Building located at Pico do Funcho, Fajã de Baixo, Ponta Delgada

Housing, Commerce and Services Building, Anreto de Quental Avenue

Housing, Commerce and Services Building at Anreto de Quental Avenue and Carvão Street

Mixed building housing, trade and services, Machado dos Santos Street

Mixed building housing, trade and services located at Machado dos Santos street, Ponta Delgada

Parking lot

Manteiga Resendial Parking lot

Several Houses

Project of several houses in Canada do Monte in Fajã de Baixo, Ramalho and Nicolau Sousa Lima steet in Paím.


Projet Passarada School

Commerce and Services Area - Hintze Ribeiro street

Designated Space for Commerce and Services, Hintze Ribeiro street, Ponta Delgada

Apartments on Rua dos Foros

4 - T0

4 - T1


Moradias T3 - Rua do Monte - Fajã de Baixo



Edificio de habitação constituido por 4 frações de tipologia T0 e 4 frações de tipologia T1.